On the way to Mars a family stops at the moon.
While their father is settling their mother because of the gravity change, the two children go to the park at this spaceport.
The father tells his wife about Mars and all of the attractions. As he starts telling her how great it would be to retire to Mars, she gets uneasy again.
After waking up on Mars the children notice that there is more gravity on Mars, which their mother is happy about.
They take the fast maglev line to Tent A where they have rooms at a hotel by the Park.
Their father rushes them to Tent B to watch a Pod Race that first night.
The children go to the Park with their mother in Tent A as their father explores Tent B "The Sports Complex"
That afternoon their mother explores the Mall in Tent C.
Before the end of the week they go to the three Mars Domes for a tour of the science dome and to see the green houses.

Mars has become an Escape for only the Extreme Vacationers in this new book!
Turning Mars into a vacation spot and a retirement community,
because of the less gravity gets extreme.
The workers of this tent project are looking for more to do,
so they form teams of Pod Racers.
The Mars Dome wants to join the races.
The Mars Dome was the first project of long-term residences that has grown into three Domes.
The third dome is a vacation dome that gave the idea of the first tent for vacationers.
A separate Tent has been started for the retirees with a big mall and condominiums.
This Mall has a gym for the retirees to get there exercise with a hospital care center on the upper floors.
As these Tents go up and the races get bigger, one of the managers gets the idea of building a Sports Tent.
A small group of vacationers that wanted to be the first guests at this New Mars Project show up and they explore the three tents and just love the Pod races.

The main characters start out being the workers and engineers who are building the new City Dome.
The first inhabitants of this City Dome are some of the people who built it.  One of the workers brought his wife and daughter to this City Dome to live.  They have a room that is part of the underground city in the dome with low budget rooms.  Their little girl is around ten and needs to go to a school that is aboveground in part of the Mall.
The main story starts with three college graduates that get six tickets to Mars as a graduation gift.  They bring their girlfriends and look into beginning a life on Mars.  Their parents come for the trip but they stay at the New Mars Complex.  The group of six college graduates get rooms at a hotel in The City Dome.  The six main caricatures spend most of their first week exploring the City.  They find that there are sports centers that are hidden around the city.  They also find that the rezone that there are so many activities and gyms on Mars is so that they stay strong.

The New Mars                       A Family Vacation                     The City Dome
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