Changing the Little Things

"Changing the Little Things" shows how you can change the little things in life to cause great changes. The main character is an author that has an idea for a new book.  This author feels that his life is good, but has an idea of how to change things in people's lives, so he writes a book about this idea.  He goes online to a blog site where people complain about their lives. 

The author invites eleven people to a private chat room to introduce his idea to them.  They meet three nights a week to talk about family, work, and friend relationships that the bloggers would like to change or have an effect on.  The book ends with the author seeing changes in these people's lives, and he has enough information for his book.

Tarry1978: We have to change the way that the leader of our group of friends sees us.
Mike1991: That's me. I'd like to think, but I can see the one person who has the most impact on my group of friends would be, and it's not the leader.
John2010: That's right, it's not always the leader that you need to change. It could be the one who has the most impact on that leader or the entire group. So you may need to take the group dynamic apart to see who you need to change.
Anna1983: Yes, and my friends have subgroups also. Like the order that my friends choose to ask each other out to a show or something.
Mike1991: Right, but that can change weekly.
John2010: That's right, but why do they change? That is what you need to learn, so you can control when and how they change.
Anna1983: That sounds hard to keep track of.
John2010: That is why I asked you to write these posts down, so you can see the big picture.
Amy1979: Yeah, and that should help make your friendships closer.
Tarry1978: That's right, and the closer you are, the easier it is to control them.
John2010: Yes, and what you want to control is how they see you, so that others see you as they see you. Now, I have had a rude wake-up call telling me that it does matter how a stranger sees me. You all should know why that matters, but if you don't, I'll tell you.
Anna1983: I care what a stranger thinks of me, because it's bad karma to think that anyone has bad thoughts about you.
Mike1991: Well, I have enough to worry about, let alone what someone I don't know thinks of me.
John2010: It matters what the strangers you pass daily say about you, because people talk to each other. I know you've heard of it: gossip. Rumors spread fast, and you never want a bad rumor to get out no matter how small it may seem to you, even if it's not true. If you can start a rumor, then you can change the world, or at least yours
Tarry1978: Like the rumor that you're CCC. "Cool, Calm, and Collected."
Amy1979: Aren't you???
Alex1986: Sorry I'm late, but I was reading these posts and I think I get it now. My post is too short, but I see that I should be looking for the little things in all of my relationships. I should see what I need to change about myself.
John2010: I wasn't going to be that blunt, but yes. It's how you find it. You should want to change by seeing how you affect people.

Pages: 228
Size: 5x8
ISBN: 9781426930409

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If you want to change your life, but think it is too much work, this book will help you change many things in your life.
In the book there are a number of unfinished situations that are relevant to most people.  In these stories, the author points out how to fix the little things in life to cause great change.  J.L. Manning left the stories unfinished so the reader can choose how they would like to change their lives.

The author in the book; gives a number of good ideas that would help anyone cause change in their lives.  The book is mostly written in a blogging format with minimum short hand.  The thought was that it would help make the book easier to read.
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