This story takes place in any city where there is street crime, street racing, and underground fighting.

There is a young man that was in a car accident as a child of 12 and was left with physical limitations.

As a teen and young man this man went through years of physical therapy and self-determination to gain back what he lost in that accident.

John Smith has searched for ways to better himself with medicines that he did not like and therapies that he did not enjoy.

John did find things that did improve his limitations but he all ways saw himself how the most judgmental people saw him.

John found a technology that he thought would help him get better and when he used this technology, he found that there were some side effects.

These side effects gave John abilities that he used to fight the street crime of the city he lived.
A novel that the common person can relate to.

The twelve characters have relationship problems, but this book shows ways to help them.

The story begins when John, an author, begins the process of researching for a new book.

He goes online to different blogs and reads posts from people complaining about their lives; things written by those who are unhappy, miserable, and hopeless.

Manning is hopeful that his message will transcend literary boundaries to have a real-life effect on readers.

He wants people to understand that they can change their lives by changing small things, and that the littlest things in life can have the biggest effect.

Changing the Little Things           The Night Watchman           Paradise Island
A Couple Develop a Small Island that they Won in Contest in this New Book!

Josh and Anna have always dreamed of having their own private getaway.

The prize is a small private island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, uninhabited and undeveloped, which lets them build a tropical island paradise.

Enlisting the help of friends and neighbors, Josh and Anna set off for their new vacation spot.

They set out to turn it into the ultimate beach getaway.

In addition to building tree house at the shallow beach and having tents at the cove, they find a hot spring in a cave that makes a good sauna.

They also make other unbelievable discoveries by the cove, and at the big beach there is surfing, diving and other water sports.

Odd incidents begin to baffle the inhabitants of Josh and Anna's Paradise Island.

What they discover turns out to be something unbelievable.

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