Paradise Island
Couple Develops Small Island Won in a Contest!

Author J.L. Manning invites readers to a tropical adventure filled with mystery, intrigue and excitement in his new book, Paradise Island (now available through Tate Publishing).
    Josh and Anna have always dreamed of having their own private getaway. It appears that their dream has come true when they win a credit card company's contest. The prize is a small private island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, uninhabited and undeveloped, which lets them build a tropical island paradise.
    Enlisting the help of friends and neighbors, Josh and Anna set off for their new vacation spot. They set out to turn it into the ultimate beach getaway. In addition to building tree house at the shallow beach and having tents at the cove, they find a hot spring in a cave that makes a good sauna. They also make other unbelievable discoveries by the cove, and at the big beach there is surfing, diving and other water sports. It is everything they dreamed it would be. Then odd incidents begin to baffle the inhabitants of Josh and Anna's Paradise Island, and what they discover turns out to be something unbelievable.

    Strange occurrences lead Josh and Anna to question their luck. The couple and their friends are frightened and excited by the unexplained events, and they soon discover that this island paradise is more than what it appears to be. Will they discover the secret behind the mystery of Paradise Island?
    Manning says the appeal in this adventure is in its realism and mystery. "This book is an imaginary tale that has much in it that could be real," he says. "It's exciting when they don't know what is behind the things that are happening. When they find out what it is, it makes the story more interesting. I think this book will appeal to many readers, because they can imagine their own paradise."
Pages: 216
Size: 5x8
ISBN: 978-1-61566-002-5

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